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Strömstad is a locality and the seat of Strömstad Municipality, Västra Götaland County, Sweden with 6,288 inhabitants in 2010. For historical reasons, Strömstad is called a city despite its small population.
Strömstad became part of Sweden in 1658, as part of the Treaty of Roskilde, which transferred the Bohuslän province from Norway to Sweden. It achieved town status in 1676. Strömstad became an important sea-bathing and spa destination in the mid-19th century. The close proximity to Norway is evident throughout town, and cars and boats arrive daily from Norway.
[2] Despite its small size, Strömstad is a bustling town throughout the year due to its international ferry link to Sandefjord, Norway. This is particularly true for Easter (especially Maundy Thursday and the months of June and July, when thousands of vacationing Norwegians are visiting Strömstad.
Strömstad claims to have more summer sunshine days than any other town north of the Alps Strömstad has numerous daily ferries departing and arriving from Sandefjord, Norway.[5] It is also home to a domestic ferry connection to the Koster Islands, a nature preserve which is Sweden's westernmost populated islands.
It is home to Sweden's largest deepwater harbor.